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Related article: Date: Monday, July 19, 1999 08th 41st PDT 19 From: Benedict XVI Subject: Benedict Slips Pralle, Chp 9 ( H / S ) (T / T ) ( u'wear, uniforms, sportskit ) \\ \\ n Disclaimer: this story is fictional and not given to minors, or the courts not by law, to read this material. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and unintentional. All age groups are represented actually an understatement, and "child" of the term "youth " to do, in fact, means that the characters are under 18 years of age. Simon met Benedict at morning registration. The two boys were the study of different subjects, and therefore, apart from General Studies, the only time together, had a rule at school was on break together - time or ny registration tomorrow afternoon. Ben seemed, outwardly at least, very happy Simon, on his way towards him. Smiling, Ben sat n In addition to Simon, " Soz " he said, his breath, as he would run, "is surprised with things at home. Was too late to call, hope theyIt has no s ? " " No, it's okay to worry about you ' s "said Simon, relieved to see Ben," was all n. What about last night and everything. " Now he could closely study Simon Pope was not so sure that the friend of his s was, in fact, all happy. To be sure, he smiled, but somehow \\ \\ n is not the smile is in contact with eyes, and, if anything, looked tired and tense Ben. "Lord! "Called Ben, in recognition of his name called, followed quickly Simon, whose surname was Nn Model Toplist after in alphabetical Join the School. " I feel, "said Ben, keep your voice low, " where was I ? Oh, yes, no, I am good now, thanks for last night, you're a true friend. " " If you say so, "said Simon, sounding a bit dubious when it comes to his own doubt and uncertainty furious to the mask. And when Simon saw Ben enter the door of the classroom he was not in a position order to stop before admiring the way Ben looked at his school uniform. had seen the eyes of hundreds of times, but now, suddenly,I could not help his friend in a new and different light. It was because he looked like Ben, he really was, for the first time he saw Ben to... Right kind of sexy and smart. Blond hair and blue eyes corresponds perfectly with her ​​school uniform. Hmm, I wish you looked as good as s that, Simon thought. Ben Simon had seen many times in the queue showers and changing rooms at night and on the beach. Well, could not stop looking at his friend pumping, like Ben 's tail and held is defined in the color black school trousers, with a new sense of purpose and intention. Simon could not help but feel his cock hardening and bent forward, elbows on the desk in order to mask their increasing Nn Model Toplist swelling. The image of Ben, naked, running in Nn Model Toplist the shower after another week of physical education, suddenly approached her return. It was recalled after skiing, Simon. Ben and he had split, Simon was assigned to idiot Tim Robertson as Ben had to runwith another tug, Nick Travers. Simon had returned, and before Ben was in the shower, when Ben had entered. It would definitely be something fun to Ben day was, he looked very nervous, almost guilty, and he had barely dipped before the shower and back to the locker room. if was not short, Simon was sworn pubic hair was matted all are Ben y wet before taking a shower. If he did not know, I would do been told he looked like cum pretty cool, but how was it? Ben not have the time, the ability to secure ? Unless, of course, , who choked on his own in the woods for a quick roll, amazing! Set the right to do this, so if you 'd been caught ! Simon was convinced that was what to do, Ben has. The only thing was, however, this marks n slacker Ben. He had seen only once, a few seconds at most, but could have sworn he saw as fingerprints, the soft flesh set shining even when acuteNails had bitten deep. Maybe Ben was playing his ass and jerks ? Simon thought, strangely dressed in the idea of ​​ maybe not, more likely, Ben was sitting on some branches or twigs ? Whatever the cause, and was not entirely convinced that he could not imagine the whole thing anyway, the idea of ​​Nick Travers was out of the head. Actually, this was not entirely true. Simon had forgotten that later that night, he had a wet dream and wetted explosives of bed with sauce. Half asleep, woke up and soaked with sweat, mind wiped clear of all images are temporarily troubled him. He would do frustrated, angry at his inability to remember what it was that was sunk him. I hated these times, Nn Model Toplist he wakes up alone and wet in the middle of the night , clutching his stomach and the bedding moist. His mind was always a vacuum and refused to let him see who it was who had harassed and molested him. I had no idea that their dreams would come on Ben and Nick of forests, which had seen them play with each others cocks before it was declared and forced them both to their own rigid suction sizzling mantool. Ben was relieved that Simon seemed to not call to fulfill their usual walk to school. Also last night events seemed to have been well accepted, at least for now, was large. Simon certainly seemed fine, though a bit quieter than it s usual, Nn Model Toplist and looked tired. But had not gone so badly, he reflects, and he was hopeful that things have been sorted and now happy Dom y surprised that Nn Model Toplist Simon does not deny any of it nor night or late afternoon. It seemed as if Simon was really helpful and attentive. Although he did not know what it was, thank God, Simon had apparently responded, not Ben. Ben thought for a moment exaggerating his despair, Nn Model Toplist so Simon thinks it was the real fear in the and the need for "extra " comfort. Soon, his mind wasRace to the imagination, Simon comes to the rescue, with Simon in his arms and kissed him, reassured him with his love. Like his friend, Ben soon felt the must crouch Nn Model Toplist and hide his growing erection. The teenage couple sitting there, very annoying at the moment, his throbbing cock inside his pants and underpants, so close that both desired. Neither was even remotely aware of the needs of others, , or the part each had played in the other time discomfort. However, the fight with an erection is nothing new for a child teenager. Nn Model Toplist Both children continued to talk, gradually increasing in n ease, and treble bars soon faded and collapsed. " What do you do with your free trial this afternoon ? " Simon asked, n, Nn Model Toplist Unlike Ben, I had almost all classes in the afternoon of Tuesday. " Um, I thought, maybe go into town to get a couple of things for the Friday," said Ben, stick as close to truth as possible. Ben would certainly heading in the city, but seeing Tom,not go to business. Although it takes to get some lubricant, Nn Model Toplist only remembered to the case, and that was certainly not to buy that with Simon around Because he still hoped on Friday. " Oh," said Simon, tormented, and looked suddenly disappointed, " I had hoped, , tomorrow could after PE. Need some new kit for Friday as well. I we thought we could do together to make... you know. I always feel like, uh... good dress sense to do better than me. " fact, the two boys felt as general shopping, buying clothes and computer games, videos and CDs, exchange of opinions, confirming or with care according to a specific election. " Well, I'll wait. Tomorrow is," said Ben, suddenly glad that Simon s still wanted to go shopping with him to be with him, even more surprised that Simon gave him a good taste in clothes. Pope really heated. Simon had never said anything like that before s was too wise for that. Usually, inhis special friend, we had to consider how it has acted in order to judge what he thought or look for feel. Simon never more than a look inside, God knows, Ben had tried. Now it seemed that Simon and the election of Ben envy of fashion, s, even better, really wanted his opinion. Ben 's stomach started to bubble with enthusiasm and joy, and he was looking forward to tomorrow. that is not going to get much, maybe a new shirt, tops. Now he was and decision -making, his mind filled with all things that are as y own. He wondered what would happen after Simon, and is pleased to be find out. Simon had to wear cargo pants made ​​in recent times, Ben hated, do not want to think, she showed her friend in a good light all. Hmm, maybe I'll lead you to think of something else ? He was the head of a Ben's now with the potential to help Simon in a full of new pair of shorts or trackies, maybe a Chris -la! His cock began to stir reluctantly that, and Benthe idea was abandoned as the time of registration ending. " See you later, Ben," said Simon, standing, and backpack beating her up over his shoulder. " Yes," said Ben, his chair back, suddenly laughing, "do not away at the stroke of physics took place and all of us. You know, you should ne not observe an experiment ogle Pam Simpson Boobs ! " Simon, was surprised by a micro - second, the girls had disappeared Nn Model Toplist temporarily appeared of his thought, but this particular one was a race joke n between the two boys, " as if " n said, suddenly sounded indignant, "It's not quite what I would call these days. Give a breather, " said laughing said " I was young.. no, definitely dirty goods now " " Well, I know I should, "said Ben, just a few of the new stimuli No dismissal tone in the voice of Simon, or at least indicate that it could at the end of this particular threat, he thought. Pamela Simpson had in the past, was one of Girlfr Simoniends. It was is an attractive Nn Model Toplist blonde girl, highly regarded and thirsty in length on many of the guys in the s in school. Their " relationship" was about 4 months, lasted an eternity Ben and Pam had the honor of the ceremony ended at Simon his first blowjob. The relationship had cooled gradually after that, as Simon had drooled a bit apathetic and stroked his way to Pam, without, apparently, with which it is a high degree of mutual feeling No pleasure. It was known that Pam still hoped to be back with Simon that she felt she was too young and immature at the time. The opinion was received by the sixth, that the two soon be together again, and again it was just a question of who would be first step. Not surprisingly, was not in the Christmas card list of Ben Pam, and as he joked about it with Simon - and had you, that Nn Model Toplist was the way things - inside looks like the enemy. It was a tough opponent, even full of charm and wit. Now it seemed that his work was no longer on the table if he remembered correctly read Simon, and Ben could not stop helping feel elated and happy. Of course, this was all that was probably the fact that a someone else had to take in the scene, appeared suddenly seems clear and Pam redundant, but who was ? Ben did not know, but I was sure as hell go must discover. His good humor evaporates and a little afraid, shopping trip in the morning might be just an exhibition to provide Simon new clothes to impress the new secret girlfriend. Position of the German shook his head Ben class, the idea too familiar and painful scene. Simon spent hours virtues of his new girlfriend, and advice on how to interpret things Ben. As if it mattered shit ! Well, he did, but not, and his heart was now decreasing rapidly at the thought of Simon has a morning tee the afternoon and ask, " Do you think you'll like this?"Moments when everything in life was suddenly directed Simon in the direction of his new girlfriend. Ben wanted to mourn all the time, "forgets look at me! Luck will be with me damn you! " The two boys were on break and talked about his trip on Friday, apparently, \\ \\ n Simon was in Looking for a new wardrobe from the sounds of the it. The excitement after Ben had to be replaced by a sense of frustration. Meanwhile, he was convinced that Simon had a new girlfriend n the spirit. I was so into herself lately, so full of Dom and Chris and all the other adventures you have missed the mark. Oh, yes, , he thought, at least I could use the opportunity of Simon in something I like equipped, even if it meant for approval in terms of another. At noon all that Ben was missing was a name and a face. He had to be handled spend the morning working on his way to a frenzy about dementia and what s have learned in class was really very small. A quick Glancs for his " notes" of the morning show a. no pieces have been written Nn Model Toplist using of paper with the name of Simon all about him, he even try to perfectly mimic the signature of his beloved Jealousy consumed of faceless enemy who had been harboring thoughts antagonistic in a - x, opponents did not identify. Whoever it was to be careful out, Ben had seen them all come and see, they all go, and he was decided, the only one standing when the "battle " had come to an end. At noon, the boys went to a game of footie deepened. Simon was blind to Ben's concerns are unfounded. On the contrary, was perfectly happy and contented, and was looking forward to business with Ben. It seemed a time when they finally do something like together, which is the out of combat of their regular squash games that is, and always have been something considered as differently. Simon had not forgotten his studies of the past, evenING, How was concerned and worried about her feelings for Ben. In sunlight, play footie, these disturbing thoughts had already left for him and Simon was feel they can not start again. After all, maybe a fun store See you tomorrow with Ben that he thinks things are back to normal and not these things again? I hoped so sure, and he took as a sign that the n It was like the perfect pass that Ben had slipped the score allowed winner. He had time enough to enjoy the congratulations of his colleagues, , especially Ben, who was suddenly grinning from ear to ear, as the bell announced Nn Model Toplist the end of the lunch break and re- draw the kind. Ben and Simon is stored in the registry and when it was over all another quick ' you see, catch yer later'. Simon went to the chemistry of his classes and Ben to take the bus to his meeting with Tom. On his way from school, one of the corridors, Ben came in Luke, Simon s younger brother, the title, presumably, innext class. Lucas saw Ben and gave him a warm welcoming smile. " Ben " Lucas said, smiling, "How do yer ? Since I've seen no more forever. " " Yes, Saturday was like years ago," said Ben, looking around, look around quickly if anyone was near, " I have not gotten a curse, because passes all the crap scared of me then," he exaggerated. " Cool," Lucas laughed, "all loved equally. While Soz to scare you, I not mean anything. " " I know, I know" said Ben, reassuring the child "still I can not believe that there in fact. " " I Nn Model Toplist bet that not everyone is as rigid and as dead as my brother," said Lucas, n "anyway, good ! message I just asked Chris if he would come and wanted to the night of Friday, will be easier to work with Mr. mechanic out of the way, , and said 'Yes, of course, I love ' Ben. 'that I love you', would be condemned love it! " The boy was obviously at the top, her blue eyes sparkled aquamarine, \\ \\ n, and his face was lit like a beacon. "Mr. Mechanical " was the nickname of Lucas of his stock ageuh, that or ' The Android'. Simon Lucas considered as less than human, more like a machine in its nature and interests of. Often joked with his older brother is not going to find a girlfriend liked until I had four wheels was parked in a garage. Needless to say, as a challenge, must not go unpunished and the two guys soon locked in a fight and fight. Ben winced to hear about Luke Simon is described as " Mr. For mechanical 'and' in spite of himself, could not stop smiling. Not very fond nickname Luke s for her lover, she accuses him of a way, but failed denying the truth of it either. in fact, it was not fair, Simon did not, , it was easy to know that.. Of course, there were times where there was Bang was n head in frustration at the restrictions of Simon and justice, and had to s admit that "Mr. mechanical Add ' Simon at the point in time. It is, however, the smile on his lips also stated otherwise, the pleasure of seeing Lucas look so happyand the possibility that his plan for Chris and Luke could only come into play. Photos of the two boys, alone in the bedroom of of Luke, and remained a short time, appeared to haunt him. Wish I was a fly on the wall of the night, he thought. Instead, he said enthusiastically, " Good news, see Lucas. I told you, that might work, but just go right? No to kill the first night," he laughed, " Chris or " " the matter. the chat -up technique is quite deadly! As if," said Lucas, suddenly blushed and blows Ben 's arm, " but thanks n Ben would never have had the courage to that proposal. you are great ! Thanks for the Android out of the way, its bound to be better around him without it. " " Alas, poor Simon, "said Ben, " if only I knew what Nn Model Toplist a perverse and twisted brother it has. " " Yes, "agreed Luke, " when he was just what the best friend knew perverse and twisted it has. " " Ay, "said Ben, and then laughed, her eyes and smiles mischievously, " Touche ". See what I mean ? Poor Chris does not stasecond chance. Just go Hatch in it, not like his humor fatal. No wonder that has no friends, except for people who want to blackmail n to me that it " Aaah," Lucas said, still smiling, although it is reverse a simulation that has just taken a blow to his stomach, "which are hardly what I call Ben harmless. quite strong, in fact, my background is not yet recovered from his \\ \\ n Nn Model Toplist loving kindness, let me tell you. " " Who, me? "said Ben, feigning innocence and wonder, " What I done? Come on down, "he laughed, " and good luck for Friday. " " Thanks to Ben " Lucas said, adjusting his backpack, and turning to his class, " I'll look around, no doubt, I have yet something do not forget you. "Luke, of course, was referring to Ben white CK, which he " borrowed "on Saturday. " I have not forgotten, but go ahead, or I will corrupt your report elderly," said Nn Model Toplist Ben. " Okay, okay, I'm gone. Who would be a bloody prefect anyway? They are all so fucking dead," saidLucas. " Well, the body has to go," said Ben soon realized he would have to to hurry if you do not miss your bus, "See. " " Well, goodbye," said Lucas, resolved in the direction of his English class before whispers to himself. "And good luck to you n Ben, he was sentenced eed " became Ben turned and walked quickly down the hall and outside of school. In fact, Luke thought, in the class, if you believe Nn Model Toplist in it, s been obvious, right? Ben was interested in his brother Luke and counting that Ben had given them wrong. She had met him after last Saturday, which was the way Ben did not quite meet his eyes when he speaks About Simon, how Ben had burned her face and body he tense. Although Lucas for some time that Ben had stolen known his underwear and Simon had not, until now with Ben, a another connection. As Ben Lucas was referring just to do what s I was doing, get off at the delightful lingerie. ismeans added little fool, that's all yours, and somehow just does not work. It was unreasonable then Luke appeared that Ben was rummaging through their clothes and Simons. He believed that Ben was not so great, so sticky as it was, and had his own brother, written, or whatever, alone. He also calculated that Domingo was not until much still to be, s were not the pair of Ben Simons and CK, which is currently estimated, n proof that more is better ? So Ben, who was obviously in the same as he was, of course, his best friend as its only source. That's how Luke saw him anyway. The fact that Ben was really flattered with Lucas disturbed. There was no doubt Nn Model Toplist , however, that Simon 's pants were undoubtedly the most favorable treatment Ben and it was not until now that Lucas understands why. Lucas shook his head, behind his desk and opened his English file. I bet Simon is not a fucking clue, he thought. When Ben went andView go in all he was with his brother through the tight arsed Lucas Presentation. Ben was doomed to failure, along with his older brother was in all cases with the girls, fucking stupid interested! Imagine them running around if you have Ben on a plate ? Ben Johnson, Head Boy, Super -student The last sex - the school of God ! Lucas knew what he would rather have, every day. Yes, he thought, smiling broadly, what I have. Lucas was really pleased with himself, was very happy that he called his the best friend of her older brother. Directly under the nose of Simon, so to speak, and Android, stupid sod had not noticed. Ben was special, no doubt , but ultimately, Luke, Ben was just a step by step stone, a triumph which announced its entry into the world needs n there. Be forever grateful to Ben, no doubt, and no more of the same object, but now had to fry n other fish. It was much met the elusive Chris Morgaand n remember what Ben had taught him, he spent all his English the same class to imagine Chris on Friday night. poor Jasmine Taylor! She sat next to Luke in English and had a great love in the dark looking handsome guy sat on his right. Realizing that the erection of Luke, so evident in his thick black tight trousers, gave them wash and distracted the whole class. I have no choice but to try to ask out, he thought. Maybe we could go to the movies on Friday? At this point, Tom Davies, a student of 19 years old, was in his Anthropologie second year in college, in the center of her bed, sat with his legs y exceeded his mind filled with images of hot lingerie sex with Ben. Tom was try to remain calm when his cock was already hard and starts licking is a bit of pre-cum and was a great effort not to dig your hand into his bulging basket started on tail. He kept telling himself that could not happen today, and what better than hOPES to high. If he had talked with Benedict XVI on Monday that the boy was visibly moved, is not even recognized himself, and Tom that Ben had the need, Nn Model Toplist first, all they could find at the moment. Tom has to concentrate on listening child, trying to match the best to help. I was sure that Ben could do without him trying to get into your pants and decided to keep his hands s away from the boys. Would be so difficult, Tom was hot and the thought that Ben might have seemed not to be irrelevant to the tail. met From the time Ben had Tom in the last year had an intense feeling of well-known the desire and lust. It took a while, but eventually he realized that Ben was gay, well, I had been pretty sure anyway. I was wrong Simon, however,and how! You 'd swear they were the two lovers have sexy Guys , however, seemed to be the way she acted and her eyes only for the other. Obviously not the case, if Tom is still the feeling that Simon was Gay, perhapsHe just does not know it yet, Nn Model Toplist he thought. Finally, the leg value, which would leave the document are highlighted in the pocket of Ben and wow! When Tom had Ben on the phone that he could not Nn Model Toplist resist speaking application for a child to bring his jockstrap. He then anxiety, fear that Ben would think him a pervert or worse. I need not have worried, he had been finally a guy who was so blessed in his underwear as his self -control. This amount was actually fucking gold Adonis nice. Tom was convinced that regardless of age and orientation, you Ben could not miss in a crowd. Benedict XVI said, made all around it looks bleak and pale, who have had sex have been with him, enough, but to really be able to enjoy underwear with him was incredibly lucky. Tom was very happy, almost kind of privilege, his for the life I had to do this and now it was possible within his capture n. Unfortunately, today, but maybe not the day, and he hoped that Handle, and there is no shame in front of Ben, it would be a real struggle in their power to prevent this hot bulge. Tom had been targeted by gay sex introduced at the age of 14. He always known he was gay and had fallen in love with an older boy called Peter Sweeney. Peter, who was 17 at the time, had tried, in fact, as shit Tom had come to the conclusion reluctantly. The eldest son was never especially Tom, but not the joy of receiving the interest relationship, which had everything you get with very little end change. It was pathetic really, when Tom was there at the time is the world's most beautiful love. In fact, Peter had always denied that gay or gay, not that it stopped with Tom had the opportunity when n arisen. Peter used to talk about the need for " salvation" and had called Tom all sorts of names, as he grabbed his mouth and ass. little by little, claims Peter had calmed down and finally dried. Peter had a friend s, but I knew that TomHe was still interested in boys, and I hope that ends married and miserable - the bastard is right, he thought. After Peter had been through a string of their experiences with other boys as Tom grew older and more confident, secure and bold. Unfortunately, I never waited for someone very special and Tom is still on the right the lord, yes, your first year University had spread to casual relationships in pursuit of that goal. that knew that somehow he would not mind if that goal had been found Benedict XVI had never thought that to entertain. Nn Model Toplist Ben was too young and obviously eager to look elsewhere. No, it was Benedict special, and definitely not to confuse everything that was ruined by Tom to make a meal of things. Although Tom had managed to bring a couple of guys off as a whole, most of them usually just throw everything down and hit a himself in the mouth or ass. That was good at what happened to him, but Tom Wante definitelyd more. He had managed to convince a fellow student last year n to blow into his nylon panties. Tom was in heaven on the case, but it is clear that the other guys had not felt the same, and he had never seen again. Now that he had discovered the blessed Pope Benedict XVI, who was clearly the Tom had no intention of queer your pitch or the loss of a but only capture. Would be enough for two kids to explore their shared interest and certainly everything I thought as a bonus to be considered. Tom was interrupted by meandering thoughts of the hood. Hell is, t that time, he thought ? His pulse quickened, and jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to open the door. " Ben! " Greeted the boy, "Fuckin ' hell, I said before, it was still school uniforms. " " Um, yes," said Benedict, the moment of apparent surprise, Tom, phase of his being in school uniform. Ben is concerned that the school uniform that Tom had cast, recalling that eldest son Ben RelatIVE youth and inexperience. Shit ! I brought a change of clothes, he thought. At the time of opening the door to Tom was still trying to "act " is set themselves and respect for the feelings of Ben. The vision of the blonde beauty in changed the school uniform. Tom determination and self -control was the windows , and was determined, something he always wanted, but had to try never had the opportunity to enjoy. Oh, the uniform was perfect, perfect for Ben. He really did see the charm of the child and the innocence of her youth and beauty of his s. Deceived, Toms tail progressed, it was not just 'dead', Nn Model Toplist as he hurried toward the door, and older adolescents knew that he had feel the stroke and kiss her tight ass and sexy cult bulge protruding fruitful in tight black pants. is still here, the two boys seemed to think that only once, even if do you like best, stammered Ben, " It's good to see Tom. You have not come to me in uniform, it does? his only one not had the opportunity to change, and so... "The words of Benedict XVI was silent, the boy suddenly became a little concerned y nervous. " Mind ? "Tom flew laughing, " no shit ! Ben really should, you see large, a sweet real. " ", is just that, " said Tom, his eyes bright and vivid emerald green, his pearl white teeth with a mischievous smile : " Well, I always had a bit of s I only for a child in school uniform, do not know why, just do, understand? " " Yes, "said Ben, nodding, his face increases in a smile, his body finally relax," I like some guys in uniform, especially at school, Nn Model Toplist come \\ \\ n true nature of... sexy. " " rightly condemned, " Tom laughed in agreement, indicating with his head a Ben to follow him, " We're going up the stairs, no one is home. " When Ben was followed by Tom in the dark stairs, could not fail to happy and satisfied. Was great, with Tom, you really can relax and be itself. The oldest son Tha seemed quite understand howt, on school uniforms, and so Tom was the only person who knew about that hopes to find his love Simon, but he considered it too Luke. " Tom," said Benedict XVI still in doubt, true stairs behind the eldest son, " Do you really think I see in my school called uniform? " Tom stopped and turned by, with Benedict XVI made ​​him almost running. " Fuck Yeah, Ben, as I said the other day, I can not believe they were about that and no one Nn Model Toplist has tried to police before now. Hell, if I were at school was, I have ruined my sheets, with now, " blushed Benedict XVI, saw men in uniform sexy, but not for themselves, safe? Chris Simon or take, for example. " Cool, uh, I think," said Ben, " I never thought so before. About me I mean. " Tom smiled and held out his hand the younger boy n disheveled, desperate instead of kissing and just keep it small. He really has no idea n, Tom thought, no fucking idea. " God Ben, where do you dIG for you? " " What do you mean ? "Ben tries really confused, confusing Tom was bitten by hand in her hair and smile, but at the same time, a little Toms of words that somehow seemed to be a reproach. " I mean, pretty stupid," said Tom, " they're awesome, charming, sexy reality. But more importantly, how beautiful you in the interior, which is really nice Ben, so real. For the love of God does not change ot end up a cynical old bastard like me. " " You are old ! " Exclaimed Ben, now even Nn Model Toplist more confused. Of course, Tom had said some really good things about him, but really no Ben knows I was thinking. Understand I do not know how selfish I am or what do one thing is certain :.. I'm not pretty sure, not as Simon and Adam, who has obviously likes me, but what is great, I think that is to be really sexy. standing on the stairs and looked at Tom jade green eyes, Ben remembered his fall with Chris. almost n extended his handTo play Tom, around his cock in her sexy shorts that feel wear. Tom was wearing a black shirt footie polo, white Reebok shorts and white socks. Ben on the way down the stairs had not been able to barely visible under the shorts. He was fascinated, standing on the n Tom had not seen the door, as if swinging loose, in fact, if Ben had something can not get any kind of "read " at all. This was o wonder, because I knew what was there. I wonder if he s something new for me to try? Tom shakes when not in the words of Ben, and laughed, the head, sat on the stairs, most likely, Ben found are. He was close enough to go to meet and seek his other worried suddenly pushed to the back of the head at the thought of a hot lingerie a Tom. The two boys entered Tom 's room and sat in his chair, as before, Ben Tom y willing to take a drink. "Want a beer? " Asked Tom. Ben shook his head, " Better not, not as a rule to go home to School smell of beer coke to be good, not as long as its cool. " Tom gave Ben one and the can of Coke opened a can of Stella for your car, plop young graceful slow, finally in bed. Assisted by elbow n, Tom watched Ben, the child was different in each case as other night -. much more tense, not as relaxed as it was then " so," Tom said quietly, " to where are you going to do? " " Phuh "Ben muttered, " I think the principle of , but please forgive me "air expulsion with a sigh, said: " I am not very good at this n \\ \\ and I'm not sure what to say. You can not like me much when ready, but... " " Take it easy, Ben was not so hard on yourself, "said Tom, " I will choose to if you like, okay ? Not that I see happening. " " Yes.. uh, thank you, " nodded Ben. breathed deeply and closed his eyes, began Ben. Stop a First, the teen stopped the recent past, the explosion that had place in your life, as always classifiedything was consumed and polluted by their desires, , particularly its relationship with Simon and his younger brother, Sunday. It had been a couple of tears, especially when it had reached Santo Domingo, but Ben had time to watch the gentle and friendly, Nn Model Toplist and Tom had I found the courage to move forward. Tom had to be a good listener, instinctively know when Ben Nn Model Toplist encourage or seek clarification on a when there was not understood or followed. He had passed no judgment, had only listened, nodding occasionally understanding. Gradually the wound tortured history of adolescents to an end and the two sons paused, the silence pregnant with expectations. Ben was totally honest, it was stripped before he had Tom not retained or trying to blame someone else. It s had dumped its load and now waiting to see what happened. his hidden treasure s was discovered, looting open to ridicule or rejection. He was very unhappy, but I hope that the first rays ofis somehow began to break. It felt a little better, easier, s I was not alone, someone had heard, heard his story. However, would receive absolution? His eyes were red and raw, and his nose was cold as he sobbed and coughed. Tom got out of bed, took a couple of scarves your nightstand and silence his way about Ben. Off at the front of the child, that s care Ben wiped the tears, and told the boy to blow your nose. cackling and complain like a mother hen Ben Tom wiped his face and stroked her hair destroyed and uprooted by Ben during his narration. Cleaning do Tom replied the boy on the bed. But this time he sat next to the bed, with a view to Ben, his feet on the Nn Model Toplist ground. Finally, he forced himself to speak to , slowly, solemnly, n "Thank you Ben, thank you. That is very valuable. If I will be happy to before, well... now I respect you greatly. Course despite na clear how you feel, not think badly of you ifeverything I think more. " " bbbBut how and why? Understand that you can not, " said Ben. Tom certainly could not mean these words and how they could at least that is , which Ben had abused Adam, the love of his wounded own brother ? What of Luke 's younger brother Simon, do not you should be angry Tom, or despise him, I still like ? Tom was silent, the eyes closed, he got angry and tried to concentrate, to find the right words, desperate to understand and feel Ben accepted. in an instant it occurred, the absolute authenticity of the child, open and truthful. should fight fire with fire. Benedict was honest therefore should be... " I can be honest with you, Ben? " " Sssure "said Ben, I was terrified now, here it comes, he said. balancing the head in his hands, Tom said, " If you I said everything, you know, what was I thinking? "That asked rhetorically. " Well, "he continued," let me tell you, Ben. Part of me was totally with I have no doubt that, once againally feel for you and I do understand. However, we get that in a moment. No, what is the here is another part of me. Well, this part of me, even if you were to mourn if they were really was angry about Nn Model Toplist the things we think is different. I put these other guys and you think you to do with them, and it was hard. Can you hear me, Ben? We were very hard! " Ben winced at nearly that vehemence and self -blame, of course, the voice of n of Tom Tom continued. " I'm proud Ben. I was leaving it, and if you go to the door does not mean that I blame you, I'm going to bed this idiot thought of you as it is called hoarding, shopping eh Adam Adam, Nn Model Toplist or is spread with his brother. Now you can understand ? And maybe forgive me? " " But of course, "said Ben, continue in Nn Model Toplist a hurry, " This is what I'm trying to say. So, when I was doing things they feel it is Cathedral. Even then, as he is so cool and pleasant, ParI t wanted to do with him right there ! " " Exactly my point of view, "said Tom, " so if this, and really understand, please forgive me why I can not understand and forgive you? not that we need the forgiveness that is mine. " " God, "said Ben, understanding dawn, his body suddenly felt light and airy, " yes. " Ben fall into silence, very surprised by the older children the logic stunned even more for your kindness and understanding. The fact that Tom had been cool to listen to Ben did not mind at all. the s understood that if you believe all the time. " So now we have the way," said Tom, "let's try to look at s what they actually say, okay ? " " Sure, " said Ben now safer, feel better than I had done in days ", you can still have a drink ? A Stella, perhaps? " " right, "said Tom, getting out of bed and grabbed two cans, one for Ben n and one of their own. a can of Ben and be delivered to the whistles of the drinks as the PEONed made ​​it back down again in bed. " Fuck Ben, you should not do things by halves, you see. What do they say ? A Rising Cock has no conscience ?" He laughed. Ben laughed a little, but suddenly felt terribly ashamed and stared at the floor, his eyes follow the pattern in the dark the blue carpet. " Let's start with Nick going to do? " Asked Tom, talking to Ben, who was OK to continue. Ben nodded to go, love to hear what Tom had to say, and yet want to to avoid. " Well, Dick Nick is quite simple, it seems to me. He had Apparently, he wanted to do it, took a chance and it paid off ! was the first time was Nn Model Toplist not that, and what you say, was white, fun, I enjoyed it and not give you any hassle, right? " " Yes, "said Ben, now better able response, "Exactly ! was wonderful, a real surprise at the time, I never would have thought of it. to finally have broke my duck was... well, you know what I mean. like Nick, 're the law has no complaints, I was doing, I feel great about it. In fact, I I think you might be interested in more, but... I could not do that at the time. "N " You know, you can not tell Ben, "laughed Tom. " Uh, yeah, I just know its... "Ben blushed, n furious. " It's just at that moment, "interrupted Tom. " Ka -boom, " Benedict said, imitating an explosion with his hands. "Very good! " Laughed Tom, " Ka -boom, it is. Nick pulled the trigger, sorry the pun, he went to Nn Model Toplist shoot his load everywhere. " In spite of himself, smiled and nodded agreement Ben n shy. " Let's look at the hot Chris Young. Contact Ben God, have you ever tired of This man let me know, it sounds great. " " He is, "said Ben, smiling from ear to ear, " is totally hot and wild. " Ben could not help but feel a little proud of Chris. The fact that Chris was so eager to have sex with him was really the icing on the cake. Ben was sure that a once others realize what they were missing, it would look n to " Indeed," agreedTom, "which is probably a bit too young for me, but now, but his case, I could make an exception. " " dirty old man !" Said Ben. " I know," said Tom smiled, "Great, right? Anyway, back to Chris. Well, if you I say is true, then again, I have we had no problem with it. happens, it seems Chris gave him the green light, and have decided to " go. " can not say I t any fault. at age 17, gay, and had only first time otherwise. All that is within you stored manure, desperately yourself, you know what I mean. " Ben agreed, yes, that Tom knew what he said, the pain and doubt, the the fear of being different. When asked if they ever find someone as. Browse your friends to meet anyone at all times. only always understand everything, terrible things about the brothels, gays and lesbians, but always desperate for someone to have sex and how to find the purpose for, secure. Yes, Ben did well, no doubt about that. " There they are, are ready and loaded, ready for more," said Tom, "and Then Chris and his Wham -bam - thank you - a - mam. It had to happen at some point, it's just that it looked all gone in a hurry Nn Model Toplist you are shit hot. " He laughed Ben, although I felt a little embarrassed, so far, however, was Tom s as good as his word. The older son seemed to really understand and know What Ben was and whence he came. However, choppy waters in front of him remembered " So in everything, so far, all natural, I would say " No, the sums Tom. "Then come into the picture, I make a move and you respond. Back in the order, I hope so. She had no problem with that, I suppose? You're still here after everything. " " No, no problems, "agreed Ben, suddenly shy and alluring, " though I can not help but wonder what lies beneath the shorts. " " Ha, " laughed Tom, smiling, " Fuck me, Ben! You have to be bad. You just to wait and see. Also, do not think I'm so easily distracted from what is coming. Well, okay, I really am, and I am desperate to see what s in thoss of the pants, but we will continue on the Mon " Tom was really very low - Back.. feel now that Ben had heard what had, for example, , and to understand that the boy came, it seemed that once would then be used that Benedict was not about to leave it empty pass. His stomach had settled a few notches and suddenly realized, no, the intensity of his feelings towards Ben. Knowing that the child no major complications could make in your life, Tom decided to try to and things are kept between them. If I lose my heart on the where noted, the capture of an intoxicating charm Ben n seductive charm. " Then things start to get complicated," said Ben. " Boy, you can probably tell Ben "said Tom, " the next door, right? " " Yes, "confirmed Ben. " little hot the devil must have scared the crap out of you at first ? " " He wanted, I did not know what to say. I just wanted to die, or just the warp in a ball of deny what happened. " " Mmm, notbe surprised, "said Tom, " I had the same thing. Say what you , I think they were there to manage quite well actually. Certainly better than Am. You are very kind honest I know. " " Thanks, "said Ben, for a moment loses balance this add unintended ", but then things got way out of hand, I'm fucked in the ass out \\ \\ n it! " " Well, in my hand, Nn Model Toplist I think Ben, "smiled Tom, " but seriously, what is to do? The youngest was a little over a barrel. It s impaled you feel comfortable, but only did it change, because I wanted to,. " " I would have said no, "tormented Ben, " must have. He is the younger Simon s brother fucksake ! " " I know, I know, and that's the problem, right? But leave that to the one hand, we get that in a moment. Remember now for Ben. It s began, I wanted it and it was not his fault. Well, except for good caught the underwear, of course, and I do not think you forget Nn Model Toplist that lesson particular hurry. Do you agree ? " " I, "said Ben, who was of course not affect either the Jones n s underwear children there. " You had no evidence of negative feedback from Lucas am I right ? " " Uh, no, no, "said Ben. " For what its worth not think so, but are either all, I agree, was not to make it easy. Its understandable in the circumstances, , but somehow I do not see Luke come again and again. " " Why? "Ben is trying to" What makes you so sure? " Not at all satisfied with the n thought in some way, although I knew I had to. I could not do without the problem Insurance ? " Sure? No, I'm sure, "said Tom. " But if I had to take a bet, I'd do I guess not. When I read Luke correctly, based on what you have given me, then I s I have to say that it has fulfilled its mission, even if realize. " " mission ? "Said Ben, more confused than ever. " critical, "said Tom, " which is the best companion of his brother to do. If any, the Castle of screwed and barrel storage. I think he's quite satisfied with HomsEleven of dass Not in a nasty way of understanding, no, rather a sense of triumph that suspect. Su, when he entered the adult world and has achieved away, without being discovered. Even better, that of his older brother, who is coup. You are the oldest of Ben, I'm the youngest in my family. Believe me, part s of me understand where Luke is coming, I think. " " If you mean, "said Ben still not convinced that it was so easy. " Hey, I will not make any guarantees Ben trying to help. Could is a bit wrong, I admit that his only... I do not think I am. search with you and your brother. Try to see from their perspective. " Argh, Ben thought, here was a moment of truth have. What the hell is Tom thinking him for it? " Now Ben, I know this is difficult, and you said, enough to I know you do not feel happy with yourself. Yes, you are , the elder brother, and you will have the lion's share of the to take responsibility. But I think in this case I have to say andou go easy for you. Are punishable by not always. From the sounds of it no have been injured or forced into anything you do not want to do that, that's important. It was " " Besides, " said Tom, a watchful eye on Pope: " I remember last year n , the people of the psychology and sociology, I think, to talk about all that. They were covered in lectures, and I remember say much, and I mean much of it continues. more times the experiment, it takes much time and is not usually enough to harmless. Sometimes, however, forced his insulting and very serious. I no one can see that Ben and I do not know how this happens. " " So... Therefore, " muttered Ben, " you're talking about is still with me, even after so done with Dom? " " Absolutely, "said Tom quietly, " I can not say I totally agree, but I understand n , I think. Worse things have happened to Ben, believe me. I never had these feelings, so I'm not so sure that you understand, but I feel, in general, thNo major damage was done to. " " I hope so, "said Ben, feeling much brighter, " I would not want to hurt Cathedral. " " I'm sure you do not, "said Tom, " but you have probably left to be confused, but not more than you. However, younger and only as he took a sandwich with you, does not mean it is n the same way, right? " " I know, "agreed Ben," I've been thinking about it. " " I'm sure you have. Perhaps the best way to try to get out of here, and move. Let her know that you can come anytime and talk to you what s nothing to fear. Finally, you are living in the same house, and that always This makes things difficult. " " Well, that sounds good, Nn Model Toplist "said Ben, the experience is still very recent and only in your mind. The mere fact, contributed by Tom acceptance, doubts Ben soothe and calm his fears... that s not sure the conclusion that his brother jumped Far from it was gay, he would have been more about " crucial" the Cathedral of care something maybe it was not Tom was right, Dom did not haveseemed so Nn Model Toplist bad damage this morning, he thought. In any case, the more reluctant was Ben , the two and realized that it seems a little more careful of the Cathedral n in a while. It would be so easy to fall into that trap again, and he must try to look for signs. " Where is all we have ?" Said Tom, along moving things, " There are two important things at work here, I hope. One them up to you Ben, although I do not think you know it, and the other is the heart of the problem... uh sorry, I mean the situation. problem is the wrong word. "\\ \\ n " OK," said Ben, now more words of Tom assured his analysis of the situation. Where is Tom get from this? Ben could not help but wonder. Sometimes it could take a look at something in Tom's eyes when he spoke. It was pain? Indeed, it seemed that Ben. Does this mean that Tom understands, because that has suffered? Is this how we really know what it's all Nn Model Toplist about things? Trembled Benedict XVI a little to the idea that, though could not fail to , but wonder why it is not wise. Finally, it was thought that it would suffer enough. That is, there is still more to come shit? " Let's start with you. After all her Nn Model Toplist why you're here," said Tom. " How ? " Ben was looking for. " Well, we're here, because in the last week due to my knowledge. This is my mistake, okay ? But what made me take the risk? You Ben, I did take the Risk. " " But... ! " exclaimed Ben. " Wait a minute! " Tom interrupted, " let me finish. No I will Nn Model Toplist not blame away from that, in fact, your debt to me, I know someone who is. No, what My point is that as you would on you searched for a while, you know about things to think about misery, which could be, but always knowing that I could not. Well, not the damage that I think we all do. so why I dropped the note? because things have suddenly changed Ben, who was to change in yourself. the night at the Club Squash, which are so obviously they were prepared, which is sent out of business signs such as from anyone. I just somehow knew you were going to go for it, wasas simple as " dass Ben Tom looked surprised, overwhelmed. I am responsible, he thought ? is why these things are happening to me? Nn Model Toplist as if reading of the younger guys Spirit Tom explains, " it's not you, Ben, do not count, obviously, do it. What happens naturally is that you have with Nick somehow... oh, I dunno, open the door or switch to the " light. " I can not explain, I wish you could see it. To be me as real as the nose on my face, and I hope that some of the other guys have seen, of it. It's as if you were a magnet with a time of rest and of us are like flies around shit poor. Not that we think are shit, now I can tell. " " But how do you know.. as they come to know ? "Said Ben, still far mind, I felt a little frustrated. " Oh, uh, how I can "tried to Tom, rowed away in search of search of ie the right ", I have it ! "He shouted suddenly. " Adam! Think of Adam and Ben. Remember how you felt when youwere in the search him, what did you think before making your choice. " " I was thinking with my dick, "said Ben, " and see where I am. Nn Model Toplist " " Exactly, " said Tom, " Nice turn Nn Model Toplist of the way, Ben. They thought that the tail. Well, what does this mean? Well, of course, however, as the sense of how things went with Adam, not one of the things that truly say that you knew ? " " Know what? " He asked Ben. " The fact that you knew that you were right to take the risk, "says Tom. " They knew what Adam would say no. We read his character, signals, whatever you want whenever it is properly called. I do not think for a minute in fact would have been forced upon him when he was not ready. " " I think part of me wanted a kind of feeling that was nice to treat, " admitted Ben, somewhat hesitantly, " but I was scared shit. Who "n " Do you think if I was showed the note in your pocket? "Said Tom continued, " These are not certainties racing Ben, his mostof an idea, a colon feel. It tells you something, try Nn Model Toplist it, looks quite interesting, that know what I mean ? It's like they are somehow communicate with you. " " felt like that with Chris, too, "said Ben, slowly dawning understanding " can not describe, I just knew I wanted what I wanted. " " And that's what I felt for you, "said Tom, " that's what I way to the other. I had worked with who were gay for a while, For the same reason, I think. However, until the other night, I never felt as we were interested or active. Had suddenly changed and I knew that were curious and interested in me anyway... " Benedict XVI, however, I still feel that what Tom said, does not really apply Now to him, in him that he really did not, only Ben could not imagine, as a kind of ' magnet ', no matter how hard you try. Apparently he was here, or any signs of these things not going to happen. to be cautious in futurand he thought, but I'm not even sure what I do or say. " Was I that obvious? Can anyone tell me ?" Said Ben, suddenly horrified by his n even seems to be smiling a perve ? The fact that Tom had said he had met Ben Gay was beyond him. He somehow accepted that it was true. Ben was much more concerned with as well as other people saw him suddenly. Not everyone knows ? parents Nn Model Toplist of their s, the same Simon? " No," laughed Tom, instinctively understand the frown on the forehead of Ben, " They were not so evident and, no, I can not say that. Only to those who interested in yet, I bet you can not say all of them. This is just a special kind of thing when the guy. with what seems, all that has come drums at a time. has had sex and suddenly want more. much more the case that Ben, you really do not understand ? " " Yes, " nodded Ben, embarrassed again. " OK," laughed Tom, "is not a crime. No complaints from me. " " So," said Bof suddenly felt fear and pain, his mind racing to the circle logical conclusion, as always, his love for Simon, " if what you say is true, and others have noted, then no means that Simon is not interested ? " " Oh, Ben, Ben, Ben, " Tom sighed, shook his head slightly from side to side, " poor you. than ever may be granted a break? Well, Simon is Mr. Heart of the matter. "belly Ben was now firmly tied, and her breathing was irregular and slightly faster. Her throat seemed suddenly dry, and it took a long drink from his chosen , the amber liquid acid and bitter taste in Nn Model Toplist the mouth. " They said I was interested! " Ben Said, accusingly. " I know, I know," says Tom, "maybe I should have kept Nn Model Toplist his mouth shut big. I could be wrong, fine. It's just,oh I do not know that 's definitely something. is like... like me in the eye, but do not Nn Model Toplist know. " " but how ? is almost 18 ! " Ben could not understand. He had known since ffirst pulse n, where interests, as Simon could not take into account? When Tom the right to that is, he thought, what I have to start seriously doubt this case. " Oh, Ben," said Tom, gently admonishing the lowest n, a little chopped sag of their own idiocy which is also a smoke screen to find out the importance of Benedict XVI is silly, and how he was to escape from the property to be the mouth before him. " It is not easy," Tom continued, " Not everyone knows, and even when they do, some people flee from it. Ever is that latent homosexual ? People who have been Nn Model Toplist years do not know that are actually gay? " " I've heard of them, "said Ben, a little skeptical. " Now I believe, I know I exist," said Tom bitterly, recalling Peter Sweeney. " So... what you think Simon is one of them ? " Ben asked hesitantly. be examination of the concept. " Oh shit, I do not know, Ben, honestly," said Tom, opening the palms and Benshrugs. "I would say forget you ever said," except that I can not know it would be the same, " he laughed," Simon password anyway time if possible, and see themselves. that's where the real problem ". " But I know I'm gay! "Ben laughed, very confused. " No, I do not think that way, "said Tom, " I think the problem is that his feelings Simon. you were wrong with such force that focused only on Simon, who feel overwhelmed. can not seem to be able to tell or do something about it. So what to do? Well, now your coverage booted, it is boiling, and you're doing walking through all these things if you really want to be with him. I do not think you want to slow or up to tell Ben. be to your advantage, and that I think you have to screw up your courage, your life his hands, and only tell the truth. " " Truth? "Ben stammered weakly. " Yes, really, "said Tom, WAs gently but with firmness and perseverance "no all, it is not his brother fucksake, not all at once somehow" laughed Tom suddenly, and continued:. " Of course, you so crazy, you could go ahead and do it. I is, you know your luck, everything would probably fine ! " " bbbBut how and why? "said Ben, who could not could not, probably lose it all, Simon could not talk to him and how he could live with Nn Model Toplist that? "How? " Tom said, "Well, that part is up to you, you know him better, and you will be only one for himself. Actually Ben, as I said before \\ \\ n before, you are a real is a man, I can not see it wrong in some way. simply choose your time and go for it. " Ben sat and listened, took it all in, trying at the same time to evoke the image took on Simon. He would not come; I could not see it. All I could see was the big jump and the black hole open later, risk, and all I had to lose tbe warned another. " But Tom, " began to Benedict XVI, bringing their objections. " Say it is not Ben," asked Tom, " you hear me, so you come here, do you remember ? I know what to say, all the reasons why do can not perhaps say to him. could probably still for hours, I would be the same, but at the end of the day, would all crap, pure crap Ben ". cheeks burning Ben, it felt as if he had been beaten, and his mind reeled. Why Tom was saying these things? Did not know he was in pain? The fact that he really loved her and Simon did not want to hurt you? Tom, was a little worried for a moment, perhaps he had said too much was too hard ? Ben looked suddenly very drunk. Tom really felt for the boy, who was obviously totally in love, in love, too. He was convinced, however, that s all the Ben really needed a push in the right direction and in the Time was, I knew it would be best for that, but that was it. certainly, the ability to of Benedict XVI to handle the truth, your love and generous nture, I would see to the right, Tom felt. Although at this time, he did not doubt that the youngest child could not see how I was at it, it the intensity of young love, where there was a case of a lot or quite no. Tom described his own past broken and wished someone would have to do the same for him. It was a paralyzing feeling of grief, loss, dealing with save Ben, he was out, he suddenly realized. It has been, if all that had happened differently, and dared to , to take a risk - that horrible feeling of - what could -. However, much of their own mistakes and misjudgments plagued Tom Ben was eager to publish their studies. If only the young man who trusts him, it would take to heart what he had to say, then felt Tom everything would be fine. The older youth was convinced that Simon was waiting a word or a sign, was in a maze I could not understand or trapped escape. But Ben only had the key to this particular door and Tom could not blame if Ben was too afraid to. attempt, after all, no his own courage failed him in the past? Tom took a sip of his box and went to Ben's eyes Nn Model Toplist held with the intensity of his gaze, " Well, why, why did you say ? well, if I make a list of all virtues Simon was , its good, what is in it, I love you, how long you expect , leading to Ben? all day? " asked Tom, smiling. " Yes," I smiled back, Ben, a shy smile on his lips, "probably, if even longer. " " OK," said Tom , " you are very unfair to this beautiful, creature type sensitive, caring with which they are supposed to both n love? Do not you trust him? " "course ! "said Ben, jumped to almost", but... " " but what Ben? "asked Tom. ? "It seems as if you trust him me, or even know the right answer, if return the love, how you want it, he is not have the opportunity to know what your wants to be loved ? know that someone does for him, he estimates, the best for him ? "" Well, uh, yeah, I think, for example... " said Ben, his mouth suddenly n unable to move. Why had not thought of that before? How could he have been so selfish? Ben scolded herself, surprised by the revelation of the words of Tom. for the first time I really tried to see things through the eyes of Simon, instead of spoiled over lentils with their dreams of hope and fears terrible. However, he had Tom, who had been so good until now, suddenly, not o doubt him ? N " just do not understand," said Ben, suddenly. " You're right, Ben, I do not know," said Tom, shaking his head slowly : "No understand why a guy like you, who is bright, charming and polite, the you really are dealing with, and the people who care about their pain with honest blood, can not tell the child that loves to love. I think the food to Ben. I think what do you do what you do. you do not have to be honest with themselves and with Simon. do not think you can go to , which is no longer, at least something "s going to have to give. " " hell, "said Tom, plowing, relentless, " Look you and I, and everyone else, we both know that would not be here now if you were honest Simon, especially if you have loved in return. Flipping Ben Heck, I'm sure where n is not able to keep all these balls in the air much longer, has something Gonna Fall, that's for sure. " nodded result Ben sighed and wrung her hands and with a sense of. Yes, of course, Tom Simon was at the center of everything, s that have been clearly understood. not like to say he hated the lies, the excuses , lies. be with Simon was wonderful, it was the best exciting experiences I had known, and was in a living that communicate impossible. However, it was terrible, for all time, was not quite himself, who had always hides his feelings and experiences of the acute pain and terrible nostalgia. Yes, s no doubt about what Tom had said was true, hand could not be to avoid, Simon must be told. He decided to say, Simon truth, as he tried to calm their fears. He did not like not knowing where or when it was all I knew, I had to try. The idea that does not negate the suddenly Simon was too horrible to contemplate, and even frightened the abyss in his mind. See fight against the younger guys, feeling inner turmoil, yes, it was s almost as if Tom were the cogs ringing in the mind of Benedict XVI to listen, Tom said, friendly friendly, " I know he will, Ben, go easy on yourself, you need time to get used to it s the idea. If you understand, once you realize that you never know do not have the opportunity to discover, or opportunity, if he loves you, without the risk of losing it, and then, then I know you will say, him. " " and if he does not love me ? " Ben tried, his voice quiet as a whisper, tortured and tormented. anto remain good friends, maybe even better. It is the big boy s games Ben, just because you love him does not mean you have to love. But, " he said," As I said, you never know what is missing until you try. Sure, I 'm glad I tried, along with you, look what you 've missed , all the tears and teenage angst, my afternoon s is the same. " Tom Benedict smiled and laughed Nn Model Toplist Ben, suddenly brighter, and left Pads to Tom. " All we 're Nn Model Toplist trying to do for me " Ben said, still laughing, the the tension in the room suddenly evaporated, " wrapped in my pants, that old pervert. " " You got me in his old Peeping Tom, "laughed Tom, weighs the pillow met him in the face", you can blame me? " " Considering that a dirty old man ? But of course, "said Ben, suddenly rose from your chair and go to Tom, s " but with something as tasty in his shorts ? Nope I can not say I blame you for that, " said Benedict, his to reach out to reach the Tthe older boys bulge. cock of Tom quickly stiffened and took all his willpower to commit, by Ben and hold it there, distant and full of tight, but few inches of its hill , hot, hungry. " Ben, you do not have this done," said Tom, and saw the young teen in the eye and try to find out if the child was fine, s I wanted to do this and not from any idea of ​​a fool obligation or duty. " No, I know, Tom, that 's fine, really," said Ben, "I want to do this. Right now, more than anything else, I love you and I want it bad. "version Tom and Ben 's hand slides could feel the heat studies sexy girl he in bed and thrown on him. Ben took the left hand forward handful terrible painful penis and slippery white shorts, while the right hand of the child of the dam and pulled her hair, her head in the instead , so too wild and voracious Ben kissed. Give it a kiss? more of the same bloody coma, Tom thought. Ben was so passionate and relentless' S wants that bites her lower lip Tom and tasted blood. Tom was overwhelmed by the ferocity of the attack Ben. That was one side of Ben, he would only vaguely other night. Ben was suddenly a Wildboy real life, animals and totally Ur n. The lower lip trembled with Tom and his eyes watered and goes as Ben of his swollen shaft pushes so hard that I thought I would break and break. The older teen life with the power and saliva saliva Nn Model Toplist mixed, as the two tried languages ​​febrile and whipping each other. The taste and smell of blood copper only boy seemed well lit. The suction is locked in each other's lips, the guys tongues entwined as one, while Ben left the hand of the tail Tom and his balls condensed globe. While one side of his friend Ben, obviously wanted to give something instead a reward if you will, because it is very nice and understanding, he knew that something else was in the work deep inside. How else could have his actions be explained? The feelings coursing through herBody, this uncontrollable desire and hunger so terrible? It was like taking a bath, seemed to want, all the talk of the scales. Ben needed cleanse and purify and relieve their difficulties with the balm and ointment hot sex, hot sweaty lust. In addition, if honest, , was another reason. Simon loved him want even if may not yet know Nn Model Toplist what Ben wanted. Something he knew it would be Tom, A shared passion, not a necessity, a. Auto- Nn Model Toplist given by passionate sex Undie Ben had to feel well enough to know I could never get another opportunity and was determined to not, the risk of losing this particular boat. Tom finally managed to solve Ben 's hands from her hair, and balls. Ben to roam outside and the body of Tom, the intention of harvesting Extract of life and the nature of its form. His lips sucked Tom the nose and chin, and his tongue licked his beard shaved older boys, taste of soap and sweat, as it toured the hot fresh face. He pushed his buGUM hill in the scorching heat of nylon bulge Tom, feeling his own grater and rub his cock inside her underwear and pants. Tom struggled to get the boys dark blue jacket he finally succeeded in getting free from the rancor n a hurt arm and the tension seemed to be his body. Launch of the jacket on the floor, the compact yet powerful Tom assert their self -control, unleashes the beast in him now, and he rolled Ben at his side with him. Push down to the young boy hugged his knees to the body of Ben and looked into the deep blue eyes. " right horny little bastard," said Tom, sat by Ben a boys riding like a colossus, "They wanted to see what's inside my short, so here are. " Ben was under it, completely upset, the beast that lurked in took care of him temporarily. The eyes of the teenager threw a blue light bulb, and a trail of blood ran down his chin. The golden blonde hair was in disorder, more like tHe knows the school shirt he was in trouble. The top two keys is rolled and dark blue tie that looked like a sling covered. Most of the shirt had been pulled free of his pants and Tom was able to see the sweat glistening in the stomach of Ben and the golden light coming down his way in the dark cave of black pants smoke. The student trousers seemed unable to cope with their stress in men, and she arched y tense, hot throbbing cock, obviously desperate to be free. as Sunday before him, Tom could easily recognize the " V" hull pulsing through the thin fabric. Tom pulled his pants down and sit for a short time in Ben alleviated the short down on powerful, thin thighs and legs. So Tom pushed again, still astride the younger boy, who ran his hands Nn Model Toplist through his thick red hair and then leave them on the hips and pushed his groin provocative forward an obscene gesture and. " Oh shit they are very good," said Ben, hVoice full of wonder and wonder. His cock quivered in his own prison, sweaty and his hands came forward to Hold the bag wonderful that their eyes. " Not yet," said Tom, "playing Ben 's hand away, " First we have for a while, I'll be damned, he asked me before I 'm done. " " I 'm asking now, "said Ben, drinking, in the eyes of new underwear wonderful Tom. Tom stood about six feet, had dark red hair and green eyes, dark, He s was thin and youthful appearance, with a freckled face and shoulders. land squash and karate, hard slim body, tight muscles and rigid, superset saw the black polo shirt and dark red nylon case I was wearing. Ben was not sure if it was a G -string or thong. it properly conclude that had a belt. the material was made of nylon, but it looked bright wet, but if this was due to the amount of juice that was Tom bombs in them, could not tell Ben. seemed to be enough bay materialToms r tail, certainly could not be much left in the n as the material was tight and firm, straight, while she was in Tom broad bump. Ben knew he had more than 7 inches thick, hot flesh in which tight pants and was surprised weak in the material, ability to to keep everyone in place, not to mention the good balls fat juicy filled in there too. Tom, like Adam, the other day, it seemed, had decided that the "control" of the tail rammed his cock in the bottom of the stack. The crest was is still visible at the bottom of the ridge, where the material is already softened by the moisture of precum. Toms, though the wave had flown, pushing his underwear, so that seemed swollen and ripe. S like a banana, thought Ben, who was trying to ease his finger in hot water that dark room, trembling between the shaft and the flat bottom stomach, glowing red lines and wrinkles pubis under his touch. In fact, the material dim suddenly dropped rapidly away from the BulgIng basket and close to This powerful thin legs. It looked like it would be much more material behind, Ben thought, if at all. What is the brown of Tom Red Bush seemed to throw off Nn Model Toplist the bag and close it burned to the to the navel and the inside of his thigh. Tom enjoyed his moment of power, revels in the look of unbridled lust n , and desire in the eyes of Benedict XVI. Clearing of prying hands, he lifted his shirt and flexed his muscles had bothered the child with his babbling 8 - Pack and obscene circle Nn Model Toplist moaning in the groin. Suddenly, Tom leaned forward and put his hands on the floor, on either side of Benedict the head. The transfer of his weight on his hands, lifted a leg on the floor his way between the legs of Ben. Understanding, Ben legs apart, leaving Tom to settle there. The relocation of the weight between the hands and toes hung over Tom Ben, as if The development of a complete abs. Carefully loweredProtrusion of nylon bowl n until it just touched Ben lot of throbbing black coating. Very slowly, , almost imperceptibly at first, Tom surrounded Ben -covered pants s Hahn. Slowly he made his lowest blow, while maintaining the same pace constant. Soon both boys were writhing and moaning softly sprung as Tom their bags of effort. Tom concentration in the prosecution never hesitated pleasure, and every time Benedict put in the groin, is desperately trying to broaden the scope of the joy, retired Tom mocked him and stopping before the resumption of his agonizing dance. Tom was in his seventh heaven. He had always wanted this, had spent years trying to in the school of their desire to rub against torture to all the wonderful hot hills and curves, which had mocked and distracted for him throughout his school of. Now finally the time had come, and he was determined to be n extract all possible times of joy from the experience, there almost as if Nn Model Toplist he revenge on Ben for everythingSuffered n , and longing. His huge cock in tight material wrapped the cock Ben rubbed. Even the bad taste of nylon and cotton thicker Tom Ben pants felt almost every detail, and transferring its way a chill through his own wave. As we slowly circled the boy hot hills, that was on the left, Tom could feel slipping on the crest of the helmet slides Ben along the shaft and locked brief sharp \\ \\ n in bright balls. As Benedict XVI, he smeared Nn Model Toplist the boy Mount with sticky syrup and then black pants glittered in the light, a mountain icy rises through the clouds. Not only was Tom, of course, was one of the stains on the pants of children. Benedict XVI He added that his own lubricant cast over the river that flowed and dripped was in his pants. His penis was in his underwear, dripping water, and Young Hot precum had to break soon eaten its way through his pants n and blowing on the surface. Benedict was like Tom, banned with the joy and ecstasy. He had tried briefly, Toms ass grip and was then discovered that he had been right, there was no material to the the back of the belt, just a piece of string, that s something deep in the name Tom crack. The chain was hot and Nn Model Toplist sticky as it was dug into the oven, hot sweaty cheeks between Tom and Ben wondered how it was there. Ben However, Tom had tried to want to pull down and hit puree, Nn Model Toplist along with his two taps n, had resisted instead of Tom and Ben, had marveled at how hard ass Tom, who had opposed their efforts. Ben had finally n and had taken gently with your hands and off again Toms, and back, reveling in his absolute power and male power has the felt Tom's shirt anterior pole and below the hand. Not everything is on all fours, Tom gradually shopping their way Ben. It s the mound was rectified in the flat stomach of the boy and opened his shirt to his crotch, like a dog sniffing for some tbalk. The effort finally Nn Model Toplist requested a break and Tom dropped to Nn Model Toplist his knees and sat down at Ben s stomach. Picking a tie, the school boy is still around Ben 's neck, Tom stained the floor of the tie issued more than his own strong punctures. Rub the Nn Model Toplist nylon tie, absorbed in his projection of navy blue cloth very soon precum mixing Tom and Ben, who was there. The Nn Model Toplist draw Slinky felt hot and sexy, as he rubbed his crotch and his cock even cried more. Ben in what Tom was doing with the school tie was surprised it was so sexy, licked and when Tom suddenly pulled the link to his lips and sucked on a of the material , taste, and Tom. Tom spotted tie around Ben s face a little more down then up on the child chew nipples erect now well below the white shirt of moisture and attachment defines a school. Taking The right nipple small but perfect in his mouth, chewed and nibbled Tom in the pearl in a shell instead of white cotton. The spasms of pleasure screwed by Benedict XVI andrepeat the experience soon as Tom swallowed his left nipple s. Saturated at that time, Tom relaxes back into the hands and toes, , and climbed Ben 's body, before finally the bar at the top n Benedict face. It was just out of reach of Benedict and the younger boy tight tendons and tissues, which stuck out her tongue to his the mouth and tried to lick the tears soaked nylon bag with glass all honey \\ \\ n Tom. Tom lowered his hips gently and mouth hungry Benedict Tom grabbed the fleshy axis, desperate to start drinking from the cup gives lips. Tom had other ideas, however, and he pressed his dripping hills s in the face of Ben stained his cheeks and forehead with the sticky n lubricant sticky. They mocked Ben 's nose, which was filled with musk Tom , the rich smell of hot sex shot Tom through the thin and light material. Stretching forward Tom drove his soft golden Nn Model Toplist lump Ben s hair, which tickled the cock and balls and sentThe waves of pleasure crashed n through your body. Finally, he settled back in the oven of the mouth of Ben, for the child to suck and lick with lust in his dark palette of red, the bulbous head lubricating oil leakage through the Gammy nylon sheath. Ben drank hurry Well, not knowing how long would give Tom him, feeling that the eldest son had many things in his head before he would release Ben of this heavenly torture. " Okay," Tom said, finally breaking Ben tongue bath, and always to the child, " we turn around and start in the second half. " \\ \\ n Ben by sight Tom swelling flood hypnotized. Seemed to grow, in any case, then belt and hung it under the weight of a lot of Tom of gravy, place the clear zone in the bed and dripped on stained bag of dark red and wet and saturated. smiled at Tom, Ben eagerly rolled onto his belly, a grind finally launched its own hill and screaming into the mattress of Tom. " No, do not do that," said Tom, seeBen flexing his muscles tight ass with tight black pants. "" Come on, move down, "said Tom, " kneeling on the floor and away from the tail the bed, I do not want to break everything now, especially since we are begins. " Very little resentful that Ben was finally to be desperate to shoot load , but could not deny, Tom. Not after all, that Tom n him found places that had never imagined that the discovery of such n hitherto unknown passion and devotion, how fucking pleasure. so Ben moved the bed and had the knee, maintaining its flat stomach in bed. Tom moves between Ben 's legs because my knees, the child out of bed a bit more upbeat. can not get is from now we can, thought ? Satisfied scene Tom controlled drinking vagabond student, all fruits and firm, very fine black of material, a little worn, fight, keep the buttocks of ripe peach. Tom reached with his hands the cupbuttocks and gently traced the edge the allegations, which were clearly of the cheeks, under the black set cotton. Benedict XVI complained and shuddered. Tom always wanted to do this to your hill in a hot mill student tight ass pants. He had come once, just once, yes, but he could I still remember every detail. 5 of them would have around the house on foot, and classmates in year 10, who took his way to another school. A 4 - ft Wall linked to school and dense hedges had been planted behind the wall. At one point there was a gap in coverage -, 3 - meters or less, and can be viewed directly on the school tennis courts. It would be a set of girls play basketball after school, and 5 guys were all crowded in the effort to close small opening to see, leaning against the wall. as of the highest Tom and another boy had been in the back, while the three young boy leaned against the wall directly. Before Tom had John Oakman, a cute blondeChild with a huge ass sexy. Tom was not able to stop suddenly crackled with erect cock in Sweetcheeks children. None of the other guys seem to notice, were away from the intention of running around looking at the girls, her tits jiggle in the air. John had gone very still and quiet, and Tom had seen the back of redneck boy's bright flash. But there was to be pushed back in any case, , and Tom had almost cum in my pants right now. if The boy wore a jacket Tom Nn Model Toplist was still able to feel the heat and the child of the difference between soft and round buttocks through the material. They had been Apparently at that age, though probably only a minute or two, n and then the group had broken and had performed in his way. Tom was desperate for the home, and if he managed to get all the time the consciousness of its employees to hand in his pocket, he had broken to the bathroom and a cum bucket. John had never talked about it that day, ad had no chance once, is to see if the two could do more. Now Tom was able to take your time and get what he wanted, and his hands stroked and took slacker Ben, leaving no part untouched and unloved. Move your hands under his shirt Ben Tom pulled the nails in the back and Ben his face to heaven led child vague. Ben 's column and he kneaded the flesh and dribbled his way through the cotton black ass. He felt the heat out of Ben, I could smell all sexy and hot. loving it the edge of adolescents followed in the cheeks with his tongue bitten on the threshold of n under the underpants and rubbed his nose deep vigorously up and down n crack child's fever, inhalation essence of sweet Nn Model Toplist spice. Finally, affectionate, almost gently, in fact, he stood up and pushed the saturated mound against Nn Model Toplist the boy tight ass stretched. He circles the younger boy 's Nn Model Toplist cheeks until they finally resorted to the axis swollen rub up and down the crack clearly drawn. the grossCotton reproduce material on your penis now drunk, burns the delicate spine with friction and heat, and Tom was almost at that point. Departed hurry after he felt almost hypnotized, rubbing up and down Ben 's ass and squeezed the base of his penis and hard. gradually the tingling in his balls, which had announced the torrent in the opposite direction, fell n and relaxed. Feel in control again, took a deep breath and spoke, his cockney voice hoarse, and all rich n " almost lost there Ben, Soz. Come again n again in bed and in his thinking, time to take a look at what I have. " Tom patted the bed and, like a puppy eager, Ben jumped into bed, and s down the back. Tom leaned over and kissed the boy pinched a and a long kiss, and Nn Model Toplist this time he drew blood, nibbling at the bottom lips boys between her front teeth. " Oi," laughed Ben, exploring fingers automatically s of his lip, short burst and burned with pain, their taste blood again, only this time was his. " All's fair in love and war," said Tom, laughing at the naivete charming teen young, they really do not think they get away with it, he to s ? " Does that mean they are blood brothers, then? " Ben asked, still laughing. " Mmm I guess," said Tom, " although I have to us as a sperm prefer to think brothers! " then pulled his head down towards the bump of boiling and Ben installed n your head on Ben 's stomach, used to run the index finger up and down Ben the axle and then took a handful teenmeat hotter. When Ben had done to him, that he returned the favor, and he grabbed both the shaft and could among the black goo and now Nn Model Toplist pushes the hose until Ben cried and begged for release. Tom Benedict was more soothing ministrations fallen on the back, that felt very hot as Tom had made ​​love to her ass and Ben had in memory How did the same with Chris on the stairs. To know what's funny Tom reception Ben had fallen to aallows its tail had to some much needed relief. It was so tortured, while Tom had his butt rubs hot bulge, but has now changed, and he was definitely go back to court again. Tom 's hand and squeezed his cock with vice -like intensity appeared to produce both pain and pleasure, with joy just to win the day. It was a strange experience, and wondered, why he did the same with Tom. I did not know it is supposed that instinct s is, whatever, it worked, obviously, because as Tom let Ben could feel the blood flowing quickly to its tail, it seems that swelled more and more than ever before. Tom 's hands seemed to be everywhere, rubbing and cupping his balls, waving his shaft, squeezing and teasing his bleeding fungus. Then Tom's head pushed forward, the soft red hair tickle in the stomach, before Ben gasped when his helmet suddenly meat bathed in heat and fire. If only one box lunch from the school was so well thought Tom, asHe hid in your treatment. Starting at the head, licked his way through the gap , enjoying the boy responsible for tumescence licks, while all the time and suck the sweet taste, and the filtrate was pre-cum soaked, n in the Nn Model Toplist tissue. He sniffed and licked the boy's balls in the dark Materials and rubbed his face and cheeks in the hills cast. Finally, o doubt that Ben could have much more than the child's body and beating are pulls him under Tom came to the belt buckle and undid carefully on the tape. Undo the top button and slowly unzip his pants, (no doubt one of the best sounds of the world, he thought ? ), Le off pants n in bringing Ben 's cock and Nn Model Toplist exposing their underwear pushed to the to clean the material out of the body as strong and tough construction was young. Now it was Tom, who was stunned for a short time, his eyes were delighted with the view of masculinity to the proud young Ben. " Oh, Ben," said Tom, his voice calm and grateful, " said Ben, Ben, Ben. You are is the best, withoutDuda. " " Well, what did you say ? " Ben said, basking in the moment, reveling in the joy that was going to give Tom, " enjoy it, take ' em, but do not wash ' em. You can bring back next week. " " Oh, but I never dreamed that Ben, too ", and say they leaned Ben Tom himself kissing steel hull slightly swollen. Ben 's white panties Tom nylon, the couple had just last begged week n, as used and sperm in a number of times, most recently, yesterday during his fall with Dominic. the panties were wet, and maintained in the Range and boycream aromatic layers, and sex. in fact, so were transparent, so dark purple mushroom Ben was clearly visible, golden foreskin back smoothly three quarters of the way through the the head drawn fire. lubricant leaking urine child - and plunged through the slot panties, while another tributary of the shaft and ran the ball wet, \\ \\ n in possession of the material and its embrace of sweet young charge. m had fallen nearly swoon with joy. Despite wearing nylon panties from anyone else, that known. This was the first time I really see what it was electrifying in a real life else, and effect. Tom quickly pulled Ben 's pants down his legs thin and honey before pants pants came Tom and Ben navy blazer in the apartment the ground. Lie in bed with Ben, the older teens hit the stomach. " Come on Ben, here," invited Tom, " makes for a good time. " only to understand what Tom Ben turned around and looked anxious eldest son. With a touch of respect almost solemn, Ben nylon bulge in Tom 's own sizzling sex -soaked hill. Sinking into the chest of Tom smooth solid has sunk deeply in the head with Tom, the soft mattress, Ben was there for a while. Both children were delighted at this particular time, as their tails were side by side, one above the other throbbing, and throbbing, longing and desire, in nylon ultra stylish home - thin. Tom Suddenly licking Ben 's ear and turned to each other of the two young people are kissed. Tom 's hands grabbed the buttocks soft silk and arched Nn Model Toplist Ben the balls of the company young, beautiful warm through the slippery material. Ben Tom grabbed a handful of marbles ass and soon the boys were grinding and powdering the hill of hot fun. The heat of wet nylon was slippery and smooth, and only gave the child is not sticky precum purchase or Nn Model Toplist expected, because the effort two bumps in the other as millstones ground. Slip and the other n bold waves, ceaselessly circle and hover like a helicopter in search of a safe place to land, shivered and struck the two teenagers, with intense sexual pleasure and sexy enormous pleasure. Roosters more stimulated, even downloaded juice searched Nn Model Toplist more than two guys to delay the onset of orgasm. Detection Ben was around, knowing that he does not take much more time to himself, Tom Ben blow to the head. Ben looked at Tom as if wtry to remember who he was, his eyes glazed with lust and neglect. " Right Ben: Let's see if this right and in about 69," said Tom, with a seasoning obviously trying desperately to keep his unbearable burden. Ben needed no further encouragement, however, and soon was on the whole hand looking at the huge erection Toms, who are willing to break his way he saw a by the thong. Wanting to get his head plunged into the Jammy bag of sticky and slightly relieved Tom 's tail, trying to keep a firm grip in the snake fat, resisted and twisted in his fingers. Tom stopped the breath, not daring to move a muscle, soft touch feeling of the child, , soft fingers into his flesh, had been vomiting almost out of his sperm. that Ben knew what he was trying to do, and waited patiently, despite pumping own Ben's huge, but it was inches from his parched lips, the boy the 6 ½ - inch penis literally pressure underpants, desperate, in the mouth of Tom. Keep nylon - thong back Ben had managed to do Tom 7 - and mean - inch cock in the light. It felt incredibly hot and hard to Ben, much harder than the other night, no doubt, even if it had s been his ass. Fallen into the wet nylon Ben tries to fill the thick column throbbing in the bag, and the positioning of the head up and out, ready to be sucked and emptied. Tom gasped when Ben moved the strap, the string in the rear gash in his crack. Finally, Ben covers the crown and be prepared to lock on target. As someone that children buried in her hot girlfriend emerging package. Ben found his mouth with more mud, however, that steely flesh devoured Tom Junior pushed his penis deep viscose nylon coated at the opening of voracious the boy. Ben bowed as Tom put his lips to the very bright spot Ben Pol. So hard was the youngest boy panties stretching thin faint Tom easily a Nn Model Toplist good 3-inch core of Ben are together with bulbous mushroom porous. In fact, the upper lip of Tom was able to play along wave boys in his underwear, was like the opening forced by the pressure of erection sexy Ben. Under the circumstances, both children had Nn Model Toplist done well stay in time I had. Ben 's mouth was soon overrun symptoms with Nn Model Toplist sperm from a man of his thick cock exploded as steam at high pressure. The thong wet, with spring and drooled with Ben, came a tremendous volley of hot cum stinking, Ben filled the the mouth and throat. Greedily swallow, youth had the delicious milk spicy while escaping floods, the chin is in the muddy bottom thong. The sensation of the mouth of Tom, suck her own demented nylon sheath, as a lick desperate man, a palette frozen before it has melted, has proved much more Ben. Grunting, making gurgling n by the presence of Tom runs thick in his throat, took the eldest son of Ben in his mouth and spit his heavy load. The teen sweet cream, all appetiswas that Ben was really, deep down considerably from one type of person boys. Despite the recent activities of the younger son, Tom knew that when Ben and Simon met most likely, was able to take this part of his kiss relationship with Ben. Lucky damned, he thought, now, all time, just when I finally Nn Model Toplist found someone who understands and will do whatever he wants. Could you maybe, just maybe, to convince a thought experiment small three-way, Tom, I'll get maybe a little more. Supported Is there a time put his head on Ben 's thigh, followed by the idea that a wistful smile on his lips. Ben was involved in his own world. His thoughts also to Simon, if it was not as easy as Tom. Ben also knew that if n is serious about your fun with Tom Simon then must stop. that could not but regret, however. Maybe I should try to understand Simon square with him, so I see Simon, Tom fills a need very particular. Oh, andEAH, though Ben, your inner voice with sarcasm , is sure to love. Imagine you're away Ben himself, who Nn Model Toplist has not even decided if and how you will say about Tom, In addition, Lucas ever! Ben suddenly shuddered at the thought grin the face and shiny black lycra bulge Lucas soon filled his mind. " Are you Nn Model Toplist okay? " Tom looked, felt the boy tremble shortly. "What? Oh, uh, yeah, I'm fine," said Ben, "what time is it? " " Half of the four," said Tom, the opposite of his watch out of bed. " Oh, shit," Ben said, " I can use your phone? " " Sure," said Tom, getting out of bed and Ben are delivering the gown No dress, "You better move anyway, some of the others have to be home s soon. " slipped Ben his arms in the mantle, and went with Tom to use \\ \\ n the ground floor of the phone. The child was quickly moving spirit. Tom Ben showed the phone y soon became Benedict XVI to speak to his mother. " Oh, hi mom," said Ben, sorry I'm late. I came to town to do some work n in the library. It must have been born, I did not realize the time. " " Very well, "said his mother," You have much to do ? His father is left tonight, the office, at about six. Would you like to play with me him and ask him to pick you up outside the library ? " " That'ed be great, "said Ben, a sense of relief, was the central library 10 minutes walk from Tom:" I will be out shortly before six o'clock. Love, " " Well, until about half of six, his night of pizza, "said Ms. Johnson. N " Great, "says Ben, suddenly hungry," and then mom and thank the Father. " " Goodbye, Ben, just go now right? "Said his mother. " Of course, do not worry mom, we are, " Ben said, and hung up. Has Just go, if only she knew, he thought. Ben Tom followed up again, as - once again entered the room, Tom, Ben asked suddenly, " What" do your parents know, ? "? Oh, I see that you mean you do not know I'm gay? Yes, she knows, "said Tom. " Cool, "said Ben, " how did they react ? " " Err, well, "saidTom cleared his throat and "not very good at first, she Nn Model Toplist s I got into it so to speak. I had a mate round and thought he would go for ages, but of course not good... "Tom shrugged shoulders and gestured with his hands open and flat, palms upward. " Fuckin ' hell," says Ben, a little dazed, trying to imagine the scene of " How old were you ? What have you done? " "" Well it was not until last year, so I was 18 years, "said Tom, blushing a little, " and as for what we do? Well, the wonderful deep throat Lee was the living room floor. Hung like a horse that is the fucking " Tom shook his head s, but could not help smiling at the memory. " I bet your parents went ape! "Ben said," God, I'm sure he would. " " Nn Model Toplist Well, they were not exactly happy, that's for sure, "said Tom, Remembering the look on the faces of Nn Model Toplist their parents," which is stupid, I wanted to , I I say anyway. It would have been better if he had, is a very shit to discover that his son loves the cock "that concluded unfortunately. " Yeah, I bet, " sympathized Ben, " I've always wondered about whether you should tell them or not, that is. " " Mmm, I see," said Tom , "this is not easy, right? " " no," agreed Ben, "but I'm going to think about it until I go of the University. " \\ \\ n " probably a good idea," Tom nodded, suddenly a smile, "but whatever you do, not do it my way, that scares the beautiful Lee off permanently that fear. 'm Too bad it was a wonderful toy, "he said sadly. " As good as me? " Ben asked with a smile, even now. " Well," said Tom, and pretended to doubt and weigh the merits of the two boys n, "is not a patch I'm afraid, Ben. " looking Ben suddenly a bit depressed. " I mean," said Tom, suddenly, laughing, "could have been hanged, but he was to fucksake Boxer" " Yuk !" Said Ben, laughing again now, heat, and one with Tom. " Yuk, he" agreed Tom, laughing, " we will come to order, You have less than an hour before having to hit your father. " " I can take a shower, " saidBen. " Well, the other 'Il home soon, but... " said Tom, hesitating briefly, " What the hell turn, everyone knows I'm gay, but still hope Jane I n the dark side. so clear, why not, fuck 'em ! Damn, I should be proud of it, with Ben to see, and I can not imagine any of enter into their Friends but do not have to know that we slip away together. " " Great! "Ben said, feeling wet and dirty, reeked of sex, which was very Wash necessary. " Oh, I almost forgot," said Tom, he hastens to his cabinet, "when you may want to try this. " Tom gave the youngest teenager a brand new Nike white jockstrap, even in the s packaging. " is exactly the same as you," said Tom, blushing a little, " I was kind in the hope that you would accept it as a replacement. I have, uh uh, grown in place up to you and wonder if I let go. " " Hmmm, " Ben paused and pretended to think about it, but actually very flattered and attracted by the thought " Of course it would be ' s, added gallantly. " honest Tom However, if you have any spare chain extends Nn Model Toplist only around... " Ben suddenly closed. N " Yes, " Maybe you have to say that, "said Tom, smiling, grinning from ear to ear ear s", so I take the liberty of getting these taken by you, " he said. Tom reached into the closet to take a small gray box with a picture of a man in front, bulging in a tight white thong. ", was the purchase athlete, the other day, "said Tom, " saw this and thought, you. You're just the strap, not bad, but not as good as mine. But you to this, if you want to wait that long... " " Err no, no, this will do well, "said Ben took the box and opens it. white chain that was in some kind of mercerized cotton inspected ny lycra blend. It was not as hot as Tom, is not as smooth and stealth, but would do for now. was the right size, realized 26 inch waist. n "Maybe I can give a reason for Christmas," said Tom, " is certainly give new meaningYour Christmas stocking, "he laughed. " Yes, " laughed Ben " that'ed be great. Thanks Tom, Thanks a million, I I do not know what to say. " " Oh, just enjoy 'em Ben " said Tom, " maybe I'll get lucky and get to see that in them some time. Anyway, enough of that, let's get into the shower. " Ben opened the robe and reached for his cum soaked nylon panties, hooked his thumbs into the waistband of preparing to overthrow his legs. "Hey! What are you doing? "Said Tom. " Err, preparing for the shower, " said Ben. " Leave ' Em, " ordered Tom: " I am with you, I'm sure he lost something in the back of the last time, "he laughed. " Hmm, I think you're right, "said Ben, the queue begins to fill, and push in his underwear, " perhaps you need need a helping hand. clutching a large white towel slapped bum Tom Ben, " We do not have much time, my son," he said. And soon the boys were together in the hot shower in prison, his stands stop nylon and wet. Wet side of the POInt appears transparent, wet underwear, the royal scepter in all youthful freshness and radiance.
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